Community Montessori

State Approved Private School and Child Care
Serving Children 12 Months - 8th Grade
Community Montessori Color Tablets

Community Montessori is a comprehensive educational opportunity for your child in their 50th year of existence.

Our Washington State certificated teachers will guide and teach your child from kindergarten through eighth grade.
Our educated and experienced toddler and preschool teachers will provide the skills and abilities for your child to succeed in life.

We have a large selection of Montessori materials and are dedicated to following the Montessori method in our preschool, elementary, and middle school programs.

Parents come from Tacoma and surrounding communities in the south Puget Sound to take advantage of the full-day Montessori child care. 

Community Montessori is a Washington State approved private school for kindergarten through eighth grade.

Child care for children as young as twelve months is available.

Please call (253) 627-7554 to schedule an appointment to meet us or email us at: