Community Montessori

State Approved Private School
Serving Children 12 Months - 8th Grade
Community Montessori Counting Work

Community Montessori's Curriculum~

Our curriculum is part of the Washington State continuum linking early care developmental benchmarks to later success in school.

As every child is unique, we take best practices from research, (especially brain research) and proven programs, High/Scope (Perry Preschool), and Carolina Abecedarian Project, as well as the National Association for the Education of Young Children Accreditation Standards, and the Washington State Early Learning and Development Benchmarks, as supplements to the Montessori philosophy which creates a community of learners who are independent, self-confident, self-disciplined, curious, creative and effective communicators.

Everything we do ideally goes at the pace of the children. This may take longer, be less efficient, and less thorough than when adults do things, but it essential for the children.

No adult activity should take precedence over a child's concentrated work experience or positive interaction with other children.

Our program will increase the child's success later in school and in life by instilling a love of learning, the ability to concentrate, make good decisions, control impulses, value work, and have appropriate social behaviors as well as learning academic skills.