Community Montessori

State Approved Private School
Serving Children 12 Months - 8th Grade
Montessori Child Working

A Child's Learning~

All children in the program learn by using all their senses. Our hands-on classrooms contain learning materials for: practical life (wipe, scrub, pour, fold, spoon, tong, drop, grate, cut, grind, pound and sift) sensory (explore touch, taste, smell, sound, sight) language (letters, sounds, writing, and reading), mathematics, creative expression, music, geography, and science. There is explicit instruction in skills underlying literacy and numeracy.

Children have freedom to move about the classroom, choosing activities from the different areas. The Montessori materials are available to the children the entire day.

Children have a need for freedom but within established boundaries and with structure to ensure an emotionally, socially, and physically safe environment. When children choose their activities, they learn to make decisions, to concentrate for long periods without interruption, and to work for their own sense of accomplishment (intrinsic reward). Independence and self-confidence increase through mastery of the environment and of one's self. Children learn individually and at their own pace. We can accommodate many learning modalities and special needs this way.

Montessori programs are usually expensive. Few have toddler programs which start at twelve months.